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The Creator

About the Designer behind the Creations

Manuel Carrera Cordón

Manuel Carrera Cordon, a well-known Spanish sculptor, designer and jeweller with over 20 years of experience, is now the head of the Art Atelier Virtuti by Manuel Carrera Cordon. He has dedicated his life to the creation of unique jewellery sculptures and works of Art.In Manuel’s workshop, in the suburbs of Madrid, he brings forth valuable and unique pieces which other companies are no longer able to produce– collectable objects wrought in jewellery technique and the so-called Objects of Vertu. Today Objects of this kind can be bought at Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Manuel’s family is known as the “Spanish Fabergé”, for good reason. They have been able to keep up and cultivate the know-how of the old, traditional workshops and the secrets of the handmade process. Manuel Carrera Cordon has his own unique and recognizable style – the first premise of being an artist. Manuel’s works are known for their emotional visualization and realistic patterns. They express movement and passion. Very often matt gold is used. This technique helps to create contrast and to emphasize the tiniest details of the sculpture. Materials used include silver, gold, precious and semiprecious stones.

Use of bare minerals in their natural form is another of the craftman’s passions, which he inherited from his father. The famous quote of Michelangelo: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” was transformed by Manuel Carrera Cordon’s family into its own motto: “The task of the sculptor is to discover what a stone is missing and to add it”. In this way the Baroque pearls are converted into a delicate danseuse, and the Crystal Rocks are turned into a powerful lion or a soaring eagle.

In his work Manuel consciously gives preference to a Baroque style, so closely connected with Spanish culture. In the workshop in Guadalajara, craftsmen and other professional experts are at work: designers, jewellers, stonecutters, diamond setters and silverware masters. They are able to create absolutely unique handmade and custom made objects.

Sculptures created by the Carrera family have been exhibited in several museums, given as presents to royal families and to influential personages. Almost all sculptures are created on order and exist only as a single, unduplicated item. Should you like to purchase a unique decorative object, which nobody else possesses, please call us and we will make your dream come true.

Manuel Carrera Cordón