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The Style

The world of metals, minerals and precious stones fusions

Manuel Carrera С. Style

The world of metals, minerals and precious stones fusions with the fascinating realms of the sculptor’s art and three- dimensional miniatures to give life to the pieces offered by MC Virtuti.

From its beginnings, the silversmith’s art as practiced at MC Virtuti focuses on exploring the expression of forms. Infused with creativity and design, the pieces crafted at MC Virtuti are inspired by mythological and romantic passages from history, on feelings such as love and passion, and on mother nature. Besides conveying Spanish culture, these delicate works are closely linked to avant-garde art movements.

MC Virtuti pieces have a totally unique, distinctive style achieved through the years, which transmits their underlying quality and also makes them identifiable anywhere in the world.

MC Virtuti has managed to establish its own balance of proportions between classicism and art nouveau dating from the first years of the 20th century. Our characteristic style is based on an esthetic of fine, stylized proportions, groups of sculptures in dynamic tableaux, the use of sculpting techniques that are traditional in jewelry making, material mixes that include crude minerals, precious stones, gold, silver….

The most prominent feature of MC Virtuti works is their quality. Each one of our pieces is individually hand-crafted. They are sculptures of exceptional originality and realism; the rendering of detail is especially important when modelling and finishing them.

MC Virtuti shares two traits: the matte and gloss finish and the presence of nature as the source of inspiration.

One of Manuel Carrera Cordon contributions to the realm of sculpture on the international level is the replacement of cut gemstones with sculptures whose design takes advantage of the natural shape of the mineral in the gold pieces, sculptures and art objects.

All of this is accomplished without diminishing their sensuality and delicacy, despite their apparent flamboyance. All these traits are what set MC Virtuti apart from the rest of the silver-working firms the world over, because these pieces are sculpted jewels.

Manuel Carrera Cordón